20 Stats You Need to Know About Instagram

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing platform launched in 2010, initially, it was available only on iOS, later due to its popularity it became a staple of social media, with Facebook scooping it for $1 billion in 2012. The growth of Instagram is unbelievable, so it's a great idea to hop for your brand and attain some advantage of this growth.

Are you a newbie struggling with your Instagram marketing strategy? you don't know what to do further? No matter wherever you're on the path, Instagram statistics will help you get better results.

In this post, we'll discuss and share the 20 stats you need to know about Instagram in order to build your strategies and create your campaigns.

Why Instagram for your Business?

  • Engagement is very high
  • Helps to generate leads for your brand
  • By adding a website link to Instagram you can drive more traffic
  • Being active on Instagram generates a lot of new customers
  • You can earn money directly from Instagram by using shoppable features.
  • Gives a better online presence for your business.
  • Helps to find your competitors easily and move in the right way.

General Instagram Statistics

Let's take a deep dive into the latest Instagram statistics, facts, and trends that you need to know. Ready? Let's get started.

Instagram User Statistics

1. Around 1.4 billion people use Instagram

"1.4 billion is a big number", it's a monthly user on the platform which is really a great milestone for other social media apps to achieve. Other platforms with more users are Facebook (2.8 billion users), YouTube (2.3 billion users), and WhatsApp (2 billion users).

In 2019, Instagram had just 1 billion users and ranked sixth place. Since then, the user base has increased by almost 400 million and has come up over Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

2. Fifth most visited site in the world

In similarweb's global rankings Instagram comes at the 5th position based on its monthly traffic. Not less than 6.6 billion visits per month, Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most-visited websites globally. Next to Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram stand at the top of the competition.

3. Instagram is the 4th Most-Used Social Platform

Facebook, Youtube, and WhatsApp can beat Instagram in terms of daily active global users, but Instagram doesn't fall as it has 1.3 million.

It overtakes TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, so if you’re looking for the best platform in terms of audience reach, Instagram may be a stronger option.

4. There are 170 million Instagram users in the US

Knowing which countries mostly use Instagram will help in finding the target audience, this is the most important point to consider. Instagram’s audience count in the US has increased dramatically over the last couple of years, increasing by 54 million between 2019 and 2021.

5. 71% of U.S. Adults between the Ages of 18-29 are Using Instagram

This is the most considerable demographic, a huge number of marketers and brands are targeting this age group audience to gain more value.

6. 52% of Instagram’s Audience Identified as Female and 48% Identified as Male

Instagram has a wide-reaching audience all over the world, and the number says that it attracts both males and females almost evenly. (female users are slightly high)

Some platforms are structured in a way to attract one gender or generation or another.

Instagram marketing & business statistics

7. Influencer Marketing on Instagram Grew by Nearly 50% in 2019

Influencer marketing has been increasing on Instagram. The visual nature of the platform attracts the creators and makes their job easy in showcasing products through photos and videos in their feeds and Stories. In 2019, the number of marketers working with influencers on Instagram grew by nearly 50%.

8. 90% of Instagram Users Follow a Business

Most Instagram users follow a business, they will follow atleast one brand. To reach the target audience and increase the number of visitors, it's not necessary to partner with influencers. By creating great content and having a solid social media marketing strategy in place, you can easily grow your own business account’s followers organically.

9. 81% of People Use Instagram to Research Products and Services

Instagram is the best platform to research products and services? Is it true? Yeah, in a survey conducted by the Facebook vast majority of people said that Instagram helps them to research products and services. 80% use Instagram to decide if they should make a purchase.

This research will help in visiting a brand’s Instagram account, reading comments to know what other customers feel, or just questioning their products.

10. 30% of Marketers Report that Photo Ads on Instagram were the Most Effective

Instagram stands unique for its visual content, so without a doubt, the photo ads will definitely work very well. Whether you’re posting to your regular feed, or as a story, you can’t go wrong with a photo-based ad.

Instagram Usage Statistics

As well know that Instagram is the biggest leading marketing platform, that's specifically because users on Instagram love to engage with brands more than they are with other brands.

11. 130 Million Users Engage with Shopping Posts on a Monthly Basis.

More than 130 million users browse through shopping posts including stories, this feature is useful in driving both product awareness and sales. Instagram has been constantly developing in the content and visual sections which drive more traffic than ever before, user experience is also amazing. Without leaving the app you can make purchases.

12. Adult Instagram Users are on the App Nearly 30 Minutes Per Day

Usually, adults from 18-24 won't show an interest only in their newsfeed, they will scroll through stories, explore sections, reels, live streams, and what not! Popular brands will never fail to amaze the users with exciting features so that the followers are entertained in those 30 minutes.

13. BestTime to Post on Instagram is 8 AM – 12 PM PST

Why consider this? Just posting a story or reels with better visual content is not enough to reach the audience, you have to know at which time followers or users are available on Instagram mostly. The best time to post depends on your individual business, your time zone, and the audience you want to reach.

Research conducted by Hootsuite has analyzed their whole history of posting on Instagram and found that the best time to post was 8 AM-12 PM PST, or 4-5 PM PST on weekdays.

14. 50% of Instagram Users Browse the Explore Section at Least Once Per Month

The Instagram Explore page is the tab where users can view the content based on their interests. Using the right hashtags just expands your reach.

Instagram Stories statistics

Instagram Stories is an amazing feature that allows the users to share photos and videos to the "story", users can view their stories for a day(24 hours). It's very simple to view the story, just click the creator's profile picture at the top.

15. 500 Million People Use Instagram Stories Daily

Stories were a great add-on to Instagram which helps to attract the audience and make the account active always. Compared to feed posts, most people put stories regularly. According to Statista, around 500 million people use the Stories function daily.

16. 19% of Users Watch Instagram Stories Completely

As Instagram is a big platform, followers will engage with various activities like feeds, reels, stories, etc. Most of them won't spend time watching the story completely, nearly 19% of people actually watch stories from beginning to end. For business profiles this may not be favorable, rather create engaging or unique content to drive more users to your website. Keep the story short yet informative to attract more users.

17. 52% of Businesses have used Stories to Promote Products or Services

One of the best marketing platforms which have gained a huge response in recent years is Instagram. For businesses, this tool would help amazingly in reaching the target audience and driving more new visitors. There are various features and ad formats to promote the products or services. By constantly posting stories, reels, or feed there are a lot of chances in developing the business and keeping the audience engaged which has been proven in a survey too.

18. 58% of Instagram Users Watch Personal Stories More than Once a Day

Stories will attract the audience definitely, so if you're a business person just post your stories throughout the day. People click on new stories more than once a day so there are a lot of chances for viewing your story if it's fresh and updated. This will give a chance for your followers to engage in something new every time they watch your story.

19. Business Accounts Post an Average of 1.6 Times a Day

For the Instagram Business account, 62% of main feed posts are photos, 16.3% are videos, and 20% are photo carousels.

Each brand follows its own way, they are different from the other. But by following these posts we can know the competitors.

20. 50% of People like to See Polls and Quizzes from Brands

When compared to other platforms, most people love to see polls and quizzes of brands on Instagram, so the brand owners must know what their customers want and do it. Polling gives confidence in your business decisions.

Final Words

Instagram is one of the powerful platforms for marketers, hope these 20 stats will help you know about Instagram better. You have to learn how to use these statistics and promote the business, grow your knowledge and work smarter.