4 Post Car Lifts – The Best 4 Post Car Lift UK


If you need to lift a car, then a 4 post car lift is an ideal solution. This type of lift has easy-to-install caster kits and features ten locking levels. It also has a redundant ladder lock system, so it won't drop as you move your car. Moreover, to Mechanic Superstore it features diamond plate runways and caution strips, which ensure traction and safety.

Auto Lift AS-4T36

The AS-4T36 4 post car lift is ideal for storing your car and can be moved around your garage or workshop easily. It features a 3200mm bed length, which makes it ideal for classic car restoration, and can also be used for standard 4 post car servicing.

The Auto Lift AS-4T36 4 post car raise has four posts and offers twice the lifting capacity of a two-post lift. The additional posts provide stability and give you more peace of mind when working on heavier vehicles or storing them for long periods of time. While buying a lift, ensure that it meets the ALI safety standards and has regular service checks to ensure that it continues to work at the highest level of safety.

Bendpak NSS-8

When you need a car lift to move a car, the Bendpak NSS-8 4 post car lift is an excellent option. This durable lift can support up to 8,000 pounds and comes with a jack tray, drip trays, and aluminum ramps. It also features a higher lifting height, which means that it is ideal for tall mechanics.

Bendpak JA3500F

The Bendpak JA3500F 4 post car lift is a very versatile and affordable car lift for light duty vehicles. Its simple controls and advanced hydraulic systems are designed to make it safe and easy to use. You can move it around your workshop or garage to suit your needs.

Depending on the model, a BendPak 4 post lift can lift between 1,800 and 7,000 pounds. It is a reputable company, with a solid reputation for safety and affordability. This lift is rated by consumers for safety and quality, and has been available for a number of years.

Tuxedo FP9K

The Tuxedo FP9K four post car lift is a superior car lift that features extra length and extra high capabilities. Its features include redundant ladder lock safety system, auto engage locking bar, and caster kit. It also comes with a jack plate.

Crypton AS-4T36

If you're a car enthusiast who loves to work on your cars, you may want to purchase the Crypton AS-4T36 4 post carlift. This lift is ideal for home enthusiasts as well as independent shops, as it allows you to work under a vehicle without hurting your back or putting too much pressure on your shoulders. It can even be used for a second or third car.

Unlike a two post car lift, a four-post car lift is designed to accommodate heavier loads. It also features more stability than its two-post counterpart. Its weight capacity ranges from 9,000 to forty thousand pounds.